Each of us has problems. Some problems we can easily solve, others remain quite complex for us and others still are nearly impossible to solve alone. At a point, you will choose to either address the problem to learn your way through it or you will resist the problem altogether to take the long way around. Better to cautiously choose the right course of action that is rationally paired with the identified depth of the problem.

For simple problems, most are capable to work their way through them for quick resolve. There are some though that can make even the simplest of problems most complex. The easy decision is still hard for them to make.

For more complex problems, we are required to more fully understand the problem and to experience it for ourselves over a period of time to learn to solve them. Fall in love with the problem before you would attempt to solve it. It is at this point that many people come to resist the learning experiences required and they will causally walk around the true reality of the problem.

For nearly impossible to solve problems, most find another way. Sheer force won’t solve it, nor will walking around it. For these most difficult of problems, it is required of us to invest a great deal of concentrated time. Collaboration with others is generally required at this point as well. Because of these daunting challenges, most people walk away. Only the very determined stick to resolve together. This is where differential resolutions come to be appreciated and can become more largely understood by a larger population.

How determined are you to solve the problems you face? How well do you assess the depth of your problems before you would work to apply a resolution for them? Generally, the barrier remains to be the way.

“If I were to be brutally honest with myself, how often is my journey actually a path designed to circumvent my journey. — Craig D. Lounsbrough –


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