Popular Opinion

It must be accurate, more people believe it to be true than not. Opinions of the majority tend to sway others to believe, without evidence, that they should believe as well. Without a cogent thought for ourselves, each of us has been swayed to believe the opinions of others.

Very few people wish to stand in isolation from what the larger group believes. This should not deter you from continually learning for yourself what it is you should believe. Fear of being unpopular is not evidence. Choosing to be with an isolated opinion to simply be different is no evidence either.

Which of us doesn’t believe something differently today after living amid a pandemic? Not all will have agreed on the course to take. Each of us should think, act and decide for ourselves from our learning experiences. Pause to learn from the available evidence before you would decide. Most of us believes something quite differently today than we did years ago.

Lessons can be learned, rather than merely accepted, if we seek to discover evidence and there is always more that is yet to be discovered. You may have to decide and then act along the way prior to full discovery. Lean into what you’ve learned to that point. Better to continue learning and applying what you and others have learned to set your course. Popular or unpopular, reality over opinion.

“The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence that it is not utterly absurd.” — Bertrand Russell —


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