New Roads

In a rut and headed nowhere. Rarely will you get this response when greeting another with the question, “How are you doing?” People will hold to their patterns of behaviors despite the negative effects that it will continue bringing to them. As unfortunate as it may appear, the rut has become most comfortable for them.

New knowledge and creative insight can help us to overcome the rut. Knowledge doesn’t change the behavior, but it stirs a curiosity to direct ourselves again towards our purpose. If you know where you are going, it is much easier to get there. The purpose activates the better choices.

Begin to fix the decisions that lead to your problems, controlling what is within your control. Gather knowledge and the insights of others to better determine your active choices. Be proactive to learn and apply before there would be a crisis. Break the pattern rather than continue accepting your fate. Make the harder decisions for change, taking from the learning experiences you’re actively pursuing.

The better way is new roads, not ruts.

“The status quo feels comfortable and steady because much of the choice has been squeezed out. You have your routines, your ways of doing things.” — Chip Heath —


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