Shouldn’t we all have a coach in our lives? Coaching is universal and much broader in context than we might first visualize as being only the image of a specified leader while watching an athletic contest on TV for a team wearing the same jerseys. Coaching is everywhere and attainable for multiple facets of our lives if we would seek it. Great coaching is a difference maker in your continual learning journey.

Coaching offers us the opportunity to learn and to change to a degree that would be difficult to ever attain on our own. A good coach adds value to our learning process and to theirs as well. They can easily see beyond the mental and physical limits you may set for yourself. They consider options, approaches and connections you may have never considered or certainly before you would have considered them on your own learning path. They push when you need it and they support you with more coaching when a plan isn’t quite executed as well as it could have been. They help to make others around them better.

To have a coach in your life is a distinct advantage. Great coaches are looking for great opportunities as well, they thrive from this. We seem to have no inhibitions lining up and paying for personal training sessions or lessons for recreational benefit, then why not other facets of our life? You would outplay and accelerate what you are learning and applying for yourself if you would chose to be coached. To accelerate learning even more, learn to be a coach for others as well.

“Coaches understand that pressure is a part of the rush of coaching. The challenge of trying to outplay your opponent is part of the fun, the adrenaline, the preparation, seeing your team evolve. It’s why coaches become coaches.” — Jill Ellis —


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