Walk to then Run

Once you learn something for the very first time, it’s nearly impossible to go back to the basis of understanding you were at before. When a child learns to walk, there is no longer a need to crawl. When any of us learns something new of value, we are better off to move forward with that evolution of growth.

The creation of new learning, connected with and across our broadening foundation of base knowledge, affords us the chance to grow a broader base. This growth in new thoughts, possibilities and application brings us to a deeper and greater wisdom. The rippling of growth from a single learning experience will propel us across many paradigms a long way forward.

As a child learns to walk, many new facets of learning growth are then exposed. They will need to learn to navigate as a walker in an expanded universe and not as a crawler in a much smaller context. When a child then learns to run, the learning opportunities expand even further from the original basis of knowledge and experiences. There’s little to no desire or benefit benefit to go back to crawling.

Discover to walk and to run from within your current learning practice, one connected and applied experience after another. Continue learning to walk and then run through your lifetime. We are still learning.

“A mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and it never shrinks back to it’s former dimensions.” — Oliver Wendall Holmes —


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