Life becomes a series of patterns and habits that form a consistency in our life. When one of these patterns or habits begins to lead to a poor outcome, we sometimes continue on that path, lost in the monotony of life. We continue to make the same decision over and over, leading to the same poor outcome over and over until we eventually fail to see that decision as being a mistake. Excuses and alibi’s abound. The effortless position of a comfortable monotony overtakes the spontaneous desire to continue learning and growing and finding a better way.

We are better and contribute more if we logically invest our time in pursuit of a meaningful purpose, rather than watch it spent down before us. Accepting a poor outcome for fear of resistance, adversity and change will halt our capacity to create and to learn from our actions or inactions. Each acceptance of monotonous failure will eventually lead to a series of another and then another.

Examine and admit to yourself where you have paused to have accepted poor decisions for the poor outcomes they produce for you. Focus to change those decisions and lift yourself above the undesirable outcomes. A poor decision accepted, remains to be a poor decision until you invest to learn again from the experience.

“I feel monotony and death to be almost the same.” — Charlotte Bronte —


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