Most of the decisions we come to make in daily life have fairly standard considerations. Green light, go. Red light, stop. There is a stimulus and we have a response, knowing with near certainty of the consequences of our actions.

There are times though, where we may come to believe that we alone are unique and we begin to separate ourselves from such standard acts of conformity. Something to the effect of, “I’m running late, so red lights shouldn’t apply to me. People are capable of developing such delusion’s of uniqueness until they reach a point of failure from their vantage point. Money, fame, ego and power seem to be the greatest contributors.

Think for yourself with all considerations, but remain leery of your own delusional thoughts of just how special and unique you might be. Be creative, but remain within the lines. Evaluate all considerations to be made, decide and learn for yourself from there as you gain applied experience. Value the perspective of others, they themselves feel unique as well. The resolute truth is what you learn it to be, not what you feel it ought to be for yourself. Red light, stop.

“Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion.” — Jim Rohn —

MITM #973

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