Chef or Cook?

There comes a time after you have learned a great deal on a particular subject that you find for yourself a new direction to take. From what you’ve learned and applied you are able to go to the next level. The guiding principles that brought you to that point and now you essentially create another principled and connective thought.

From this point you are beginning to more fully comprehend and generate a higher level of learning mastery. This is where innovative connections are exposed and new opportunities are discovered. This is where improvements are made and where superior results become sustainable. This is where you should celebrate for a moment in appreciation of the independent and self-initiated learning you have done to get there for yourself. It is rare, but worthy of your learning practice to have reasoned to have gotten to that point.

“Reasoning from first principles (being a chef who comes up with a recipe) versus reasoning by analogy (being a cook who follows someone else’s recipe). — Tim Urban —


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