If you plan to make no mistakes today, you are failing to even try or you have a highly overestimated assessment of your intellectual prowess. It’s impossible for everything to go perfectly, no matter how hard you try. Mistakes will be made, what will you do with them?

Focus on the end first, knowing clearly what realities you will have to deal with and where you specifically want to go with your decisions and actions.

Focus to have lessons learned for yourself, rather than look to others as the cause of your dilemmas. Possess the humility to accept, rather than denounce or ignore a mistake.

Focus with forethought to have corrected mistakes before they would even happen. Take along what you have learned before and from the keen observation of others. Better to have learned from the mistakes of others than make them for yourself.

Focus as well for the things that you will do and not do. Uphold the value to be obtained from doing it the right way or no way at all. Do this, not that.

Mistakes are great and powerful teachers for those that focus to learn from them. Know the boundaries of what you can afford to accept from your mistakes, but don’t cower from decisions for fear of making one altogether. A conscientious focus on making and accepting mistakes made will remain a big part of your continuous learning. Own this focus to move on.

A life spent making mistakes is not only honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” — George Bernard Shaw —


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