Desire to Learn

The capacity to get better at most anything is right in front of you to learn if you would only self-initiate to pick it up. With intellectual curiosity we can learn and apply what we are learning to be better, to contribute more and to live a fuller life. This isn’t about required learning nor mandatory training, but a simple will to discover more than you already know.

Don’t complain that you haven’t the time, invest the time you have for yourself to be better. Don’t settle for common knowledge, discover information that triggers your mind with new thoughts for application. Don’t fear the learning opportunity might lead to a disappointment, these points of failure contain many of our best lessons.

Continue learning, the alternative of remaining to be the same is simply wasteful. Find your full potential in the things that matter most for you and make a difference to that purpose. This only requires you to have a desire to have learned.

“The means of learning are abundant, it’s the desire to learn that is scarce.” — Naval Ravikant —


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