It’s most often the case that you are the one granting permission for yourself to make the decisions you wish to make. To admit this is to be accountable for your decisions. To deny this is to hold others accountable for your outcomes.

If you would balance the contingencies and and potential consequences of your decisions before and as you make them, personal accountability is much easier to accept. If you would pause to ask others permission on appropriate occasions, you may then gather the interest and respect of others in those instances for the direction you will have chosen together.

Permission is ours to take, ours to share and ours to seek. Whether to take, share or seek is a purposeful action to be interpreted in the process. Choose wisely beforehand and during so that we would all evolve with the greatest significance in relationship to one another.

“In an age of permissionless leverage, judgment, not work, determines success and failure.” — Raval Navikant —


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