To have a great strategy is just the starting point. It provides for a direction or vision to move toward. You’re not there yet, but you know where it is you want to go.

The strategy contains what you will do and will not do to get there. It aims to discover the right goal and not just something close to it in the end. Strategy is to be intentional and meaningful by design, otherwise it will not be worth the work to eventually attain it. Again, strategy is merely the beginning of the process. Most anyone can develop a strategy, only a few can arrive at the desired outcome of it.

From the formation of a strategy, the real work will begin. The work of implementing and adapting to arrive at a differentiating, successful outcome. There is a pattern that is discovered along the way to the goal that is repeatable. Sacrifices are made, but a strong measure of good character is required throughout if the desired outcome is to ever be reached with sustainability.

You’re seeing something in the distant future and you will find yourself there only by learning and applying what you are learning along the way.

“Strategy is a commodity, execution is an art.” — Peter Drucker —

MITM # 987

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