Learning Culture

The cultures that we surround ourselves in will have a dramatic effect on our capacity and desire to continue learning. If you happen to be with a thriving and vibrant learning organization, the stage is set for you and you will learn exponentially more. If you were raised in a home environment to discover to learn for yourself, you will have likely carried this culture through in your lifetime while remaining curious. Unfortunately, the opposite is true as well.

As you navigate in life, seek to find surrounding cultures and the relationships among them that promote your learning capacity. We know that the value of any learning appreciates over time and with more opportunity there will be more that is learned. If we fail to discover such positive learning cultures, we will have simply wasted the time.

It is the learners self-initiating responsibility to find or create these learning cultures, we aren’t owed anything special in this regard. Lead to your determined destiny where you will find culturally supportive options available to you for continual learning.

“Learning is not compulsory, neither is survival.” — Edwards Deming —


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