Too Obvious

Often, the identified resolution to any problem that you might have will seem obvious to you and to others. The fact remains though, that it is rarely that easy. It is often the most obvious solution, the one that comes to us more easily, that is wrong. To have discovered the obvious solution that an addict should quit using isn’t all that helpful, there is more to be considered.

To resolve a problem requires deeper thinking. The less obvious facets surrounding the problem often hold the answers. This requires a connecting of a number of pieces, but differently so that a better outcome might be achieved. It may also require a disconnection of the conditions and relationships that fostered the problem in the first place.

Be patiently focused to learn more deeply than an obvious solution. Resolutions to problems are rarely as objective as a mathematical computation of a + b = c. The relationships, connections and conditions are simply not that linear. Connect new ideas and theories to learn and apply again and you will work your way to a better resolution. From this deeper and applied learning process toward resolutions, you will have also gained more wisdom to deal with the next problem or possibly even foresee it before it would become a problem.

“The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious.” — Marcus Aurelius —


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