The collective culture of a group of people collaborating together lies within the engagement of each of it’s members to a determined outcome. With a common objective accepted and owned by each, intentions and methods evolve from independent thoughts to shared and relatable beliefs.

The actions of a culture begin to be aligned to progress toward the purpose and goals. Communication is frequent to remain on course together. Adaptations and changes are conjoined with each member. They change together before they would need to because they are mutually determined. New people are brought in to evolve the culture with their contributions and challenged to better it with the group. Each belongs and knows so.

Culture attainment is more of an art than a science. It is relationships over given directions to be followed. It can be fostered and attended to, but rarely managed. There will become leaders of the culture, but not by title, but rather by the positive influence of those who best demonstrate and attend to the evolution of the culture with others that each desires to belong to.

Success isn’t inevitable for any group with a shared determination toward a purpose or outcome, but a sound culture in the pursuit of excellence is the only way they will get and then stay at the top.

“A nation’s culture lies in the heart and soul of it’s people.” — Mahatma Gandhi —


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