In Pursuit of Purpose

With a clear and passionate purpose for our lives defined, we are much more inclined to set our own course toward this significant and desired achievement. In the pursuit of this purpose throughout our lives we will persevere to overcome any obstacles that might stand in our way. With persistence, we will drive on a daily basis to continually focus first on what matters most.

With no clear pursuit of purpose for your life, any action or inaction would do. No challenges to face if you merely walk back from or around them without an end goal in mind. Nothing invested, nothing gained where real challenges would only be bitched about and never fully dealt with. Pursuit of purpose is hard, but that is the only genuine way to live fully and learn continuously. The purpose can be bigger and broader than what you do at your work, your contributions from your life’s endeavors becomes more clearly understood and critical as you near the end of a career.

From the avid pursuit of a purpose, we are able to garner earned wisdom as we fully experience the lessons to be learned so that can come to more fully organize our lives. We come to guide our own acquisition and advancement of prescriptive knowledge rather than simply follow the herd. People with purpose will self-initiate to learn rather than only react to an accepted fate. Therefore, with a unique and determined purpose, we are able to advance our reasoning capabilities by example along the way to significant contributions.

“Continuity of purpose is one of the most essential ingredients of happiness in the long run, and for most people that comes chiefly from their work.” — Bertrand Russell —

MITM #995

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