Q and then A

To solve, it is better to start with questions rather than answers. Very few problems that we need to solve will have simple answers. If there are simple answers that work, there really wouldn’t have been a real problem to be solved in the first place.

Problems, especially those unique to us, are much more complex and will require a learning diligence to solve. Framing the conditions, circumstances and relationships of the realities you are facing is best accomplished with definitive questions. Questions that narrow the complexity of answers to be arrived at. Answering the wrong question with the right answer is of no value in the end.

With the right questioning, we will come to act so that we may discover the correct answer that will sustain amid your realities. The questions will have addressed all important facets of a problem so that the arrived at and innovative answer may be successfully applied. The wisdom to answer correctly lies in within us when we discover to have ask the right questions.

“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on it, I would use the first 55 minutes determining the best questions to ask.” — Albert Einstein —


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