It is with very little effort that we can find something or someone to blame for our failed efforts, especially those of a group. Some of them my even be accurate, others will not, but for whatever reason we feel the need to determine fault before we would move on. The key to learning here is to move on again.

If the intention of determining fault is for the purpose of improvement, all could then move on together. It would matter less whose fault is was so that the discovery merely initiates a new and better way to resolve the problem. It’s not hard to accept fault or to assign it when it is for this purpose.

If the intention of determining fault is for one to put themselves in a position of superiority over another, none will likely move on. Fault would be declared by the strongest and accepted by the rest. The sort of determination of fault would only derail the process from ever moving on as minds are closed off from resolution.

Fault is acceptable for those that aim to learn and to grow from their experiences together. Fault is punishing and debilitating when even one of the group would focus solely on the inadequacies of others.

“Don’t find fault, find a remedy.” — Henry Ford —


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