Within a lifetime, most people will only act with what they know to provide probable outcomes. A + B = C and nothing else. If it weren’t probable, they would accept no risks to have moved forward with a thing that was only possible and certainly nothing that at first appeared impossible.

Is holding to probable good enough? I would offer the theory that most every thing that we come to learn more from and about is when we dare to pursue possible and even impossible outcomes. We learn very little and have no opportunity for progress if we would all hold to only guaranteed outcomes.

Improbable things happen. Probable things fail to happen. While weighing the nature of risks to be taken, the only way to progress is through the learning experiences of trying new and different things. New and different are generally less than probable until we would discover for ourselves the new possibilities and then probabilities.

Be cautious of what you hold to be probable and determine to go no further. Re-evaluate the risks that may be holding you back from new and different perspectives and experiences, this is where we will learn. Better to foresee and even pursue self-initiated and iterative learning experiences to find for yourself a more significant existence, even before impossible is made probable by others.

“Anything is possible, but not probable. Innovators increase the probability of the impossible.” — Braden Kelly —


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