When the same experience occurs with two people in the room, each will be affected differently. Each of the two has lived a different and unique set of experiences to that point, learning or not from their perspective and what they’ve applied by actions before. The more open their individual minds would be to connect this experience with their prior ones, the more they will have an opportunity to deepen or enhance their learning.

A key to continual learning over time to broaden your perspectives is to seek to comprehend the perspective and interpretation of others. Most are flattered when you do so. There is likely to be some wisdom to cull from another’s unique perspective that would benefit your own. If we would only hold to our singular interpretation, we would discontinue learning.

With good questions over time, we might continue learning. With no questioning, we are apt to remain the same each day, over and over again. From targeted exposure with others of the greatest variety of perspective, we would even be able to learn more.

There is opportunity in our lifetimes to attain greater significance and depth from our experiences if we interpret along with others and connect those thoughts with ours. The aim is not to simply imitate the other, but to learn for ourselves by adding to the basis of our experiences and applying it going forward in novel circumstances to learn again. We continue to learn with good questions in our lifetime, not with static answers.

“The years teach much which the days never know.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson —


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