Change Much?

We often make change harder than it has to be. It’s interesting when we come to understand that a longstanding and productive habit of ours suddenly comes to meet a resistance from another. We obviously didn’t change, but something or someone else did. Is the issue then yours to consider or do you just continue on with your habit?

At every turn there is the opportunity to learn from change. Most of our thinking, decisions and actions will come to be connected in some form or another with those we relate with. We could of course ignore these changes and hold to our pattern, or we could evaluate and discover what has changed and aim to learn again a better pattern of habit. Within our own independent actions, we too evolve and affect change that relates to another.

Change is inevitable for us to experience, whether ours or anothers. Better to remain mindful to learn, albeit the more difficult decision to do so, than to hold onto only what you believed when you formed the habit long ago. Assuredly, what we learned long ago should not always and forever be the basis for how we behave today. Aim to continue learning for the benefit of your contribution and significance within the connections formed throughout our lives. Receive change as feedback to reconsidered your position and then decide again.

“If you want to make enemies, try to change something.” — Woodrow Wilson —


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