Remember first that an opinion is well short of absolute truth. We may be better off to pause before offering ours. Much of our “top of mind” thoughts to be offered might be shared as opinions rather than based on the facts we have discovered for ourselves within our own successfully applied experience. We may know the difference from the base knowledge we have yet to gather, but how would others know this. There are consequences when we confuse opinion with a known reality.

If the aim of offering an opinion is to discover the most feasible approach until it is better known as the course to take, offer away. If the aim of offering an opinion is an attempt to be right or appear brighter than another, hold it for yourself. It is critical to remember that offering your opinion is a demonstration of your character, this is why we should pause.

To discover a course for learning further, opinion may help us to formulate a theory to be pursued. Offer yours with full consideration of your character within the context that it were only offered to advance toward necessary knowledge and not as an adamant declaration. Leave your ego out of it and don’t be harmed by another featuring theirs.

“Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.” — Plato —


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