Good Enough

In balance of effort and results, you largely get what you pay for. From a meager effort, you should expect meager results. From a strong and persistent effort, you should expect more. There may be no guarantee for great results, but only on the rare occasion of good fortune should you expect good results unless you more fully apply yourself.

If the outcome you desire is to be in great physical shape, the strong and persistent effort requires that you eat only clean foods in reasonable portions while exercising each day. If you invest each day to do less than this, your results will vary with the effort. As Epictetus stated, “tentative efforts lead to tentative outcomes.”

If the outcome you desire is to become the most proficient at a specific task at work, the strong and persistent effort requires that you enhance your knowledge on the matter and dutifully practice the application of those skills necessary each day to excel to a level of mastery with that task or series of tasks. As Denis Waitley stated, ” the results you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply.”

“Good enough” is an easy decision to make with anything that we might merely hope to do, rather than determine what we will do with great resolve. Eating a bowl of ice cream while skipping a workout indicates that you decided one day that your healthy lifestyle effort was good enough for that day.

“To excel is a determination of effort and not a daily decision to be made, good enough rarely is.” — MITM —


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