A lack of order in life is best thought of as a time to reorder things. Remaining calm is the key in our capacity to do so. There is attainable clarity to be earned when faced with adversity, it doesn’t come freely or even naturally. The initial indications of adversity are emotion-filled and these emotions will work to pull you away from logical, resolute thinking. A good next step is hard to take if we are drawn away into emotions rather than remaining calm.

To remain calm is easier said than done, a sound practice is required to remain steeped in the reality to resolve as we reorder things. In a state of panic, we would tend to move backwards to often make matters worse by doing so. The adversity faced will eventually need to be addressed, may as well start at once to do so.

In the end, we will either have conceded to the disordering effects of adversity or worked to have learned from them so that they will have been surpassed. The earned difference is significant in the quality of a life we will have led if we would only resolve to reorder.

“The nearer a man comes to a calm mind, the closer he is to strength.” — Marcus Aurelius —


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