Often with learning, we are moved to forget the past so that we can move with an open mind toward the future. With freedom in the United States, I suggest that it is best to never forget the means by which freedom was earned and the costs that were paid to have attained it. From it’s originating principle, we are more appreciative to continue to learn. Some things we should never forget as the basis of all future learning.

Don’t grow to expect something for which you personally haven’t earned from your own sacrifices. Memorial Day is a day to recall the great sacrifices made by so many so that we have the many opportunities that are accessible to us today. Without this memory, a culture would eventually fail to honor what others have done before them. Apply the appreciative memory into your decisions and actions to preserve the value derived and to contribute with others to retain and evolve with it.

“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to a few.” — Winston Churchill —


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