In the pursuit to be and stay normal, we will often fail to perceive life as it really is for us. Change has occurred and will continue to do so throughout our lives. People that will hesitate to change for the sake of remaining normal may make fewer mistakes, but they would soon become anything but normal from failing to evolve.

Normal tends to become a self-perceived balance to sustain your status quo routine where we needn’t be bothered to reconsider a new or different interpretation. Never bothered to learn, to take an alternative path, and/or to risk making a mistake or two.

Normal and abnormal are merely interpretations made by ourselves and other unique individuals. If enough of these individuals interpret similarly, a herd might be formed for others to follow as well with a like-mindless for the assumed comfort of normalcy.

Be rational to remain aware that in a changing world, we must continue to learn.

“The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well. — Alfred Adler —


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