Begin Today

How you start a new habit makes a dramatic difference. For those that rush in at full throttle, there is often a quick crash. For those that merely think about it with no application, they non-starters. The commitment level you set from the start will greatly enhance your overall success.

If you were to begin today with a daily exercise routine, you can think about it some more or you could dive right in over your head. The better option is to begin by starting small and practice your way into the daily exercise practice. Doing even one little thing each day is more valuable than it might seem. To enhance the odds that you continue with the small thing, begin to track it for yourself visually. Even telling another what you will be doing each day will increase the level of commitment twofold because you wouldn’t want to let another down.

Begin today. Commit to do a little bit and learn from it to do it again and again. 901 days ago I started small to begin a daily exercise routine. I continue to meet my goal each day as tracked on my I Watch. I tell others of my progress so that I remain motivated to keep the practice going. If I would miss a day, I would immediately begin again. The outcome of the work started remains most important.

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” — Plato —


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