In the role of a learner and a leader, consensus is a factor. To follow the commonly held thought of the group isn’t always the most effective choice for yourself and for the group you are leading.

When others believe together a common thought, that thought gains power. Doing a new or better thing together requires that the consensus be challenged and each member of the group must come to understand and comprehend the differences. The power of consensus is very real and to change it is not easy.

Know for yourself to have learned a direction to take that is outside of a generally held consensus. If you are to lead, communication is essential to engage others to believe something that would be new or unique.

The favored choice as a consensus isn’t always the best course for the group. Know the broad force of consensus to lead with character to find the best way, not the easy way.

“It is at the heart of our human enterprise, that is to say, at the heart of society, to allow consensus a power it ought not to have.” — Jesse Ball —


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