I would assume for most of us that doubt creeps into our minds as we near most any form of a perceived or even contrived challenge. By applying any and all of the ready-made excuses we easily construct, we satisfy and accept the doubt, failing to learn to live on.

Doubt has denied each of us a number of opportunities to have learned from what we later came to know that we should have pursued in our past. Some of these missed learning opportunities could have been substantial to the level of our success and significance. We’ll never know our full potential if doubt persists to preside over our level of curiosity, creativity and determination.

Doubt is a poor teacher until it is overcome. It’s well within our control to determine to move on past the doubts when you decide and act to want it more. They won’t go away, so it is better to learn to assess your doubts rationally rather than emotionally. Conscientiously decide what is best for you and then start to act. Live your best life, not a life limited by our doubts.

“Doubts and mistrust are the mere panic of timid imagination, which the steadfast heart will conquer and the large mind transcend.” — Helen Keller —


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