If you engage another to argue a point, then stay with it for a time to learn through the dialogue for the perspective of another so that you might enhance both yours and theirs. If you engage to argue to only be right over another, there is really nothing to gain for either.

The end game of participating in an argument is to do the right thing, a better thing and not merely to justify you are right. If the other party is not open to learning as you have aimed to do, your argument will be pointless for them as well.

To have a winning argument, both would have learned from the perspective of another. To have a losing argument, one or both failed to learn a thing. Winning arguments involve listening and offering communication with another, maintaining the intent to advance one another’s perspective. Outside of mutual learning and growth, what would be the point?

“I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man.” — Oscar Wilde —


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