Where we live requires maintenance over time. It is best to be preventive to update things before they would break down. It is okay to fix things as they break down, but preventive maintenance would be better and cheaper in the long run. It is not okay to forego all maintenance until where we live is in ruin.

What we focus to learn also requires maintenance. The base of our knowledge and experiences will eventually break down over time as the conditions evolve. It is critical to continue to learn in our practice to enhance and evolve the way we think and act from our base level knowledge. We shouldn’t think the same today about a basic matter as we did ten years ago without having reconsidered another thought.

It may be more invigorating to only add new things to learn, but it is just as critical to conscientiously maintain the base of our knowledge for the more preventive maintenance-associated thoughts and decisions. We wouldn’t want a life to begin to fall apart from a lack of focus on the most essential things that got us to that point. Focus on maintenance of our learning as well.

“Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance.” — Kurt Vonnegut —


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