In Due Time

We have time, but we often rush. We have the option to react or to respond. By responding, we pause to more fully evaluate a situation before we would act. By reacting, we move without due consideration of the present and future consequence of those actions.

With the time we would take to formulate a response, we give ourselves the opportunity to align what we have learned and experienced to that point. We can pause to lessen the surrounding emotions, stresses and egos so that we can more clearly and rationally set the direction we will be taking. We can make the most feasible choice after considering what is within our control and what isn’t. We would even use the time to anticipate what would happen next from our first response and possibly a step or two after that.

We come to know that a response, with anticipation of the present and the future, is a great ally. Reactions are for amateurs, responses are for wiser professionals. A learned response to be strategically applied is a better course time and time again. We are not on the clock, take a few precious moments to apply from what you have learned before you would merely react.

“Remember this: Anticipation is the ultimate power. Loser’s react; leaders anticipate.” — Tony Robbins —


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