Life is for the taking, so you’ll need a clear purpose and a well-determined plan. In the process you are best to continue learning so that you will arrive at your purpose as a result and then flourish within it. From a focus to learn, your level of intelligence will grow. With a lack of focus you will merely pass the time.

To amass intelligence as we pursue our purpose and attain our goals is taking charge of our lives. You will recognize growth as being determined by the outcomes that you achieve along the way. If there were no attained outcomes, how would you know that you were progressing?

Results matter, they are the only true test of progress. They validate and inspire us to achieve if we desire to continue learning. Learn and apply what you are learning again and again and you will arrive closer to your destiny of purpose.

“The only true test of intelligence is if you get what you want out of life.” — Naval Ravikant —


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