The Right Thing

There is a time to act, to do the absolute right thing at the absolute right time. Yet, at times we pause before we would act to do that right thing.

We conger up reasons and excuses to be considered and reconsidered again. It’s not as easy as it may appear to be. People and our relationships with them pull us in different directions. We worry of preconceived consequences that won’t matter all that much in the end. We pose questions that aren’t even relevant to the circumstances before we would act.

In your mind, you might create a position to pause with before you would act to do the right thing. Better to just do what you know is right with hesitation. The right time is generally now, you already know the right thing to do and there is no reason to wait.

“Cold or warm. Tired or well-rested. Despised or honored. Just that you do the right thing. The rest doesn’t matter.” — Marcus Aurelius —


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