Be careful what you say, people may be listening. Why, when and how you communicate with others offers a variant level of impact in determining the level of success to be attained. Poor communication elicits poor outcomes. Great communication generates great outcomes for all to be engaged with.

For a group of people to move toward a shared goal, there must first be effective communication to set the stage for others to act upon together. A communication that engages the group to work together as a cast to create the future and not as a number of individuals who will come to determine solely for themselves a role they might like to play. The more effective the communication, the greater the influence to have engaged the group together.

In your communication, look always to share clear messages rather than a series of topics. Know your audience and what is their motivation. Feature to draw out emotions of the group, those emotions have the power to facilitate alignment, deeper thought and change. Be genuine, a fraud is quickly detected. Introduce contrast so that a side must be taken by the audience before they would ever act upon it. Draw people to collaboratively feel the intentional messages and not to have only heard a list of bulleted topics.

“The future isn’t a place that we’re going to go, it’s a place you get to create.” — Nancy Duarte —


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