Think for Yourself

Dogma was once referenced by Steve Jobs as “living with the results of other peoples thinking.” Wouldn’t we all prefer to have self-initiated our own thoughts, decisions and actions for the results we would earn for ourselves?

For us to self-initiate requires courage. With courage we would have learned our own way to what we believed and acted accordingly to attain the results of our actions. We would have learned by experiencing the process for ourselves and gained wisdom from it.

For us to self-initiate requires personal accountability. With accountability we would own what we believe and accept the consequences, good or bad, from our own actions. We would not have the comfort to blame others because we would have thought for ourselves.

Focus to think for yourself in all matters important to you and important to those you most closely relate with. Courage and accountability promote your capacity to have learned rather than merely existed.

“Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” — Steve Jobs —


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