Time Determined

It’s may never be as easy as we think at the start of the day to prioritize the use of our time. In balance, a portion will go to those that steal it from you by pulling their challenges into your schedule. A portion will be spent to adapt to the many changes that will have occurred before you were ready. A portion may be left to recreate or idle for a bit and then there is the balance of time for your priorities that is left over. Time brings all things to pass, better to determine its use with diligence.

To determine your time requires that you remain fully aware of your purpose each day. Accomplishments come from great determination of time invested. Failure comes from a lack of discipline with our time. All time can be lost when chasing nothing, all time can be gainful when well-invested and purposeful.

Procrastination and hesitancy are killers of our time, start when you intended to, even if you aren’t completely ready. Say no, it wouldn’t be critical for you to alter your schedule if the activity brought no real value to anyone. When time is well managed and invested toward purpose, we hardly even notice how it seamlessly passes over a day.

“I must govern the clock, not be governed by it.” — Gold Meir —


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