What will be done can only come from the actions that you take. These actions will be derived from your learned determination of what is best for you. If you take no direction for yourself, you are merely accepting your course as fate without applying what you already know.

Permission isn’t formally granted each time a decision needs to be made. You set your own way within the constructs of relationships and culture to be the person you wish to become and to achieve the goals that you set for yourself.

Some of us are more conscientious and purposeful than others with the decisions we face. Some accept what comes to them and others generate a better outcome as they learn. Some have steep goals to attain while others have none. Some blame indecision on others while some own the accountability of their results squarely on themselves.

We have the freedom to make our own decisions as we learn to set our best course. Permission needn’t be granted. Use the freedom to do more, to learn from application to be better than you were and to contribute a value toward your determined purpose in life.

“The people who are going to be succeeding are not going to be waiting around for anyone’s permission.” — Alexis Ohanion —


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