Real data can be used as a method to learn. Data for data’s sake can also be misused with bias to affirm something that isn’t real. Be cautious of the data you review and the data you are measured by.

As with most on-line marketing, the data put forth for you to hopefully consume, comes without your granted permission. If it were in a phone call, you would hang up if someone interrupted you. If it were in a piece of mail, you would glance and immediately toss it. Why would we react differently when we are on-line being measured for commerce-related data?

The intentional use and misuse of data on-line is for you to click on something to be influenced and possibly even to purchase something. The more you click through, the more you are marketed to and the more the influencer is paid. The tracking of this “data” seems to me to be a false front. You are the product for generating revenues by the volume of your activity.

The more the measurable activity, the more the measurable revenue is brought in. The profit building data that is chased isn’t really a measure of the quality or the value for a product or service, it’s simply an abstract form of data to set a rate schedule. The data withdrawn doesn’t measure anything accept whether someone is good at making them go up with o concern for the product or service peddled.

Be cautious of the data that you use to inform your thoughts, decisions and actions for what you are learning in application. Real data is just that and contrived data can serve only to misinform. What is targeted as a measure can truly impact the reliability and reality of the data.

“When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to become a good measure.” — Stathern’s Law —


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