Knowing there is probably more that is outside your control than within it, it is essential to set goals for ourselves. The goals are set as a method to focus our own intention to a specific direction. No goals, no real destination could be attained. A goal is the opportunity to intentionally make progress toward your purpose.

With self-control and discipline we can do more to attain a specific outcome. We may not get there completely, but we would have learned to move closer to it by having a specific set of goals. With consistent goals, we have a more consistent life as a pattern of learning and applying what we have learned. Never controlled perfectly of course, but still continual learning by intent and determination.

Your life’s purpose should be your guide. With this purpose well defined, the goals will align to that direction. The goals set the course with specific intent and determination to one day arrive there. Take aim and hold it to progress, this is the planning of the experiences in the immediate future so that the destination might be found one day.

“No man can set in order the details unless he has already set before him the chief purpose.” — Seneca —


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