Discover It

The knowledge that we need is already there. It may need to be connected in a different way or applied in a new manner, but it is there for those that will seek it.

A cure for a disease wasn’t developed until the knowledge was discovered to have defeated it. A method to communicate with one another nearly anywhere on the globe was non-existent, until it wasn’t. For most things more common for us, there is an evolving resolution for us to discover a better and more informed way to apply the knowledge.

The aim for all of us should be to continue learning. We may not learn to discover the cure for a disease or a better way to communicate instantaneously, but by learning we move to touch the lives of others in simpler ways as we progressively discover and utilize patterns of knowledge for the better. Discover until you could discover no more.

“Knowledge is cosmic. It does not evolve or unfold in man. Man unfolds to the awareness of it. He gradually discovers it.” — Walter Russell —


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