To Learn

I am a firm believer that we learn by doing. I wouldn’t select a surgeon to operate on me that had only read the books, but had never actually attempted a surgery for themselves. I wouldn’t follow a teacher that would only inform me of their learning and not reference how I could learn for myself. Help me to learn a specific subject matter and I will select and/or follow you.

Taking in the comprehensive knowledge to start the process of learning is critical, but can only get us so far. From the first application’s of the learning on our own, we continue to learn a great deal in the experience itself. We establish a unique process and we continue to learn to adapt and enhance that approach to be better for the next experience. In the practice of learning we evolve.

When you want to fully comprehend a subject matter, seek both the inherent knowledge and the tactical experiences of learning with it. We all learn differently, know for certain which style or methodology suits you best and pursue to learn with great curiosity. Learning is continual if you remain motivated to expand, adapt and evolve in your selected craft.

“The point is that whatever one is trying to learn, it is necessary to have firsthand experience, rather than learning from books or teachers or by merely conforming to an already established pattern.” — Chogyam Trungpa —


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