Imitate or Create?

When given the option to create your own path or to follow another, more more predictable route, we often tend to follow the herd. It’s just easier and there is no risk to assume for ourselves to follow the group.

When will you be curious enough to better the group and yourself for what you might learn from discovering a better way? You might seem to be disloyal at first, but all may come to appreciate the divergent approach that you have found.

To be in the herd is to follow an established and transactional system just as the others are doing. Dare at times to be more curious and to question the system and the relationships within it so it can be improved upon. To forever repeat the same way closes out the chance to continue learning and to innovate a more rational and stronger system.

Human nature pulls us to follow, but there are times for us to make improvements by creating your own path.

“When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate one another.” — Eric Hoffer —


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