Without experience, a theory would never be tested. We each have our own theories that we believe to be true. We theorize a great deal with how we might do something or when something might occur next. We could never know beyond theory if we wouldn’t apply the theory into a practice so that we could learn from it. Experience is the application to learn from

Without theory, experiences would generally be floating off to nowhere. If you were to aim for nothing or believe in nothing specific on a matter, we would have no baseline for what we were doing and how we would do it next. Theory sets the aim for learning.

Neither experience or theory is much good without the other. With no thought for a specific direction to validate, an experience would largely be unproductive. Think to plan for continual learning and applying for your intentional purpose.

“Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play.” — Immanuel Kant —


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