A Point

In the application of what we have determined to be our next actions, we will learn at an entirely different level. Information forms decisions and from decisions to act we will have learned for ourselves.

To know the point of moving from absorbing knowledge and replicating other’s thoughts on to applied learning is critical. We should always continue to gather knowledge, information and insights from others, but there is a time where we will need to learn from our own experience with them. Experiences that suit you specifically and the conditions you must operate within to excel.

From the application of learning for ourselves, we can attain a higher level of mastery. One where we anticipate to set a near flawless course of actions that you would find in no manual or book. Once you are to this point, it is then time to share your unique perspective as knowledge for others to add to their application to learn from.

Know where the point of shifting from reader and observer to applied learning should occur. We may proudly start as an amateur, but we should learn our way by application to become a pro. We can then contribute to the relational network of knowledge to advance the group or the field.

“There comes a point in your life when you need to stop reading other people’s books and write your own.” — Albert Einstein —


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