We live in the gray area as we continue learning. It is better to have learned and relearned from our experiences than to hold only to one solution for a lifetime.

Change is constant and so should be our pattern of learning. A belief that we held as a child should evolve and expand over time from our lived experiences and resolve to improve. A belief we hold for a time as an adult should be no different. What we “knew” to be true at twenty years old would surely have changed by the time we were forty, having doubled our life’s experiences to have learned from.

If we would ever stop to question ourselves and others, we would only have lived the answers of a child for an entire lifetime. Live in the gray to question, to find new and more impactful ways to contribute as an active and applied learner.

Do what is right as you evolve to learn and not only accept what is easiest for you in the moment. Do the right thing from the gray areas outward, rather than only idly profess to be right at one end or the other. Question again and again to a level of mastery far beyond what you knew to be true as a child.

“Rilke’s Mantra, ‘live the questions’ is a simple reminder to have the moral courage to live in the gray, sit with uncertainty but not in a passive way. Live the questions so that, one day, you will live yourself into the answers.” — Jacqueline Novogratz —


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