At Peace

A sense of peacefulness is not the result of disengaging from life and its many complex challenges to continue onward. We will not find peace by passively laying low. You may find rest, but rarely would you find that you are at peace in this manner.

To be at peace lies in the moments following an accomplishment where we have done something or a series of things to the best of our abilities over time. In this peacefulness, we are able to acknowledge the progress made and the determination put forth to have overcome adversities. We can pause to recognize that we engaged to our fullest potential in significant acts. That is where we will find ourselves at peace.

There is little to no peace to be found with out having fully engaged in living fully to your purpose in life. Assert yourself to merit a sense of peace from your learned actions, not from your relaxation.

“A self that goes on changing is a self that goes on living.” — Virginia Woolf —


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