Next Change

In the surroundings of our lives will be change each and every day, yet we often wish to approach each new day with the hope that all will stay the same for our convenience. It’s been said better, but the only constant in our lives will be that there will be change.

To accept, to except, or even better, to anticipate change promotes our opportunity to continue learning more deeply on a matter. To have a life’s purpose and a plan with the discipline to achieve will set us up to interact with and to possibly even impact the inevitable nature of changes we will experience.

Connecting the changes and even creating conditions of changes comes from the experience to have acted and learned from what you knew before and discovered anew. When change arrives at a place you worked with it towards, it is then time again to anticipate what is next before you would take satisfaction that you may have finally figured it all out. There will again be change, anticipate the next change.

“The creation of the world did not take place once and for all time, but takes place every day.” — Samuel Beckett —


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