The Heart

Where there is no emotional tie or passion to move us, we will eventually falter. Sheer physical discipline alone is rarely enough to move us to succeed. The heart of the matter will determine our course and our level of success.

When we fully put our heart and soul into a task, the outcomes will be determinately better. Emotionality alone won’t achieve, we must still have the active mind and body to execute well what we desire. Physicality alone won’t achieve either, the heart of the matter moves us to persevere toward success.

With a passion of the heart, we will feel the increments of success and the disappointments of setbacks to again move to find a better way. When stuck, look to reengage the heart in the matter or move to find a matter the heart would be fully engaged with.

“Where the heart is the mind will follow.” — Louisa May Alcott —


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