Wisdom bares a certain calmness in the manner with which you accomplish things in life. No need to rush up or down the hills to get there faster, the wise will get there precisely when they intended to with great results each time.

The wise avoid the rash of emotions of going at a full-throttle pace for the journey. The wise have discovered the calmest and smartest way to get things done with efficiency. Been there, done that and this will be quite manageable as well. They will continue learning at just the right pace.

The wise don’t feel compelled to compete or race with others. They’ve learned the best way from they’re heightened attention in experiences as they’ve focused on improvement and not the sole desire to be first.

The wise observe and analyze their efforts at a tempo that readily examines the details of the matter with the evaluation of the results they are responsible for. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

Watch your pace to learn and apply from each experience into the next. Go at a pace to do better each time, as the wisest of us all will do.

“To climb steep hills requires slow pace at first.” — Shakespeare —


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